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Cedar Rapids Metro Pool League


Iowa State Poolplayers Association (ISPA)

9-Ball, 8 Ball Singles

And Team State Championships

Tiger Products-I.S.P.A. Pro-Am

April 11-15, 2007

RiverCenter/Adler Theater

136 W. 3rd St. Davenport, Iowa 52803

Produced by: Its Member’s Who Believe In The

Iowa State Poolplayers Association


ISPA Tournament Committee and Administration

Ken Miller – President

Terry Anderson – Vice-President

Barb Hamilton  – Secretary

Tammy O’Meara  – Asst. Secretary

David Holmes – Treasurer

Terry Anderson – Tournament Coordinator

 Tournament Qualification Committee

Don Boll (chair), Terry Anderson, Tim Bringman,

Ken Miller, John Rozmus


Tournament Director

                         High Country Promotions,        Gary Benson


Tournament Equipment

150 - Valley Cougar 7-foot coin-operated tables.  2 - 1/4" Standard Aaramith balls, Aaramith cue ball is   same size as object balls. Cue ball is slightly heavier than object balls.  Coin boxes are closed during tournament play and practice. Cost is one dollar per game. Change machines are provided.



 Entry Forms

There are 5 different spreadsheets being used for entry this year; 9 Ball, Women’s Singles, Women’s Team, Men’s Singles, and Men’s Team.  All entries must be input on the excel spreadsheet that were given to the league operators.  All applicable information must be input on the spreadsheets and sent to Barb Hamilton, and Dave Holmes .  Entries not filled out properly may be delayed or rejected. The League Operator will submit all entries and send entry fees directly to the ISPA, treasurer, Dave Holmes.

NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED. League checks will be accepted along with money orders. Entries sent in by individual players WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED and will be returned to the player.

Confirmation of your entry will be returned directly to your League Operator after it is recorded and processed by the ISPA Office.






All entries must be received from the League Operators by the following dates:


Regular entries: February 28, 2007

Late entries: March 3, 2007

 ($25.00 late fee must be added for each late entry.)

There will be $5.00 penalty for each player entered in the tournament to any league that has NOT participated in the meetings or volunteered to help in producing the ISPA State Tournament.



Events will be as follows:

9-Ball Singles

8-Ball Singles 

8-Ball Scotch Doubles (sign up on site) 

8-Ball 5-Player Teams

Pro – Am (pro, elite, &/or any players)

All singles events of 8-Ball will include following divisions (see note below):

Pro – Am

Masters Men

Master Women

Open Men Level 1

Open Men Level 2

Open Women   


Team Events will include:

Men Level 1

Men Level 2

Master Men

Open Women

Master Women


9-Ball will include



NOTE: If there are Elite Women or Master Women that would like to play in the 9-ball, they must play in the Master 9-ball. All other Open Player Women can play in the Open/Mixed 9-ball.

2ND Chance Team Tourney’s:

Open/Mixed (first 64 teams)

Women  (first 16 teams)

First Teams Out of the Money Signed Up.

Scotch Doubles 8-Ball

May play with any sanctioned player from the ISPA (One Male One Female)

(Sign up On Site)


Rules governing play are detailed in the current edition of Billiards – World Standardize Rules

Referees are the authority in all matters relating to the rules. You can however dispute a ruling by a floor Referee and the matter will be taken up with the Head Referee who will be the Final Authority.

Format – Subject to Change By Tournament

Director Due To Field Size.


Singles Divisions

9-Ball Men’s/Mixed Master – Race to 7

9-Ball Men’s/Mixed Open - Race to 5

8-Ball Pro Am (Elite) – Race to 8

8-Ball Men’s Masters – Race to 7

8-Ball Women’s Master – Race to 5

8-Ball Men’s/Mixed Open

                   Level One – Race to 5

                  Level Two – Race to 4

8-Ball Women’s Open – Race to 4


Team Divisions  

Men’s/Mixed Master Teams - Race to 13

Men’s/Mixed Level 1 - Race to 9

Men’s/Mixed Level 2 = Race to 9

Women’s Master Teams - Race to 11

Women’s Open Teams - Race to 9


8-Ball Mixed Scotch Double’s Division

Master’s – Race to 5

Open – Race to 4

(On site entry – race to handicap)


2nd Chance Team

Men’s/Mixed Open Teams  - Race to 9

Women’s Open Teams - Race to 9

General Dress Code Requirements


We wish to make your tournament experience as positive and comfortable as possible. We ask that you help by maintaining proper and appropriate dress during the event.  Please observe the following requirements.

1.       The dress code will be in effect and enforced at all times when on the main tournament floor.

This includes during all competition and practice, including mini-tournaments.

2. No player may compete while wearing ripped, torn or stained clothing. Suggestive clothing may not be worn at any time when on the tournament floor.
3. You may not wear t-shirts, tank tops, halter-tops or swimwear.

Henley shirts (2 or 3 button no collar) and regular sweatshirts with no torn or cut off sleeves are acceptable. Vests may be worn over shirts or blouses. Women’s blouses may be sleeveless so long as they are not determined to be suggestive in nature

4. Women may wear culottes, skirts, side-split skirts, and dresses, but must be of appropriate length.  MINI-SKIRTS not acceptable!
5. Dress slacks are preferred but neat, clean, jeans without holes or tears are acceptable. Shorts, skorts, cutoffs, bib-type overalls, and
running/jogging/sweat pants or suits are not acceptable.                                6. Clean, neat shoes must be worn at all times. No bare feet or stocking feet. Open-toe shoes are not permitted except for medical reasons when approved by the tournament committee.


Team Competition Dress Code Requirements

Team shirts are required for all teams during team competition. During team events, all team members must wear shirts or blouses of identical style and color, with matching logos, front and back, exclusive of embroidered names, league award patches, etc. All members of a team must have their own team shirt or blouse. No borrowing of shirts will be permitted. Teams may be required to remove coats or jackets to insure dress codes are not in violations.

NOTE: No team may have members arrive late to undermine dress code violations.



Any player found in violation of the dress code will be given 15 minutes to correct the violation (during match play) and return to the match site. If the player is not back in 15 minutes, the player will lose one game of the match, and will lose one additional game, for each additional five minutes, until he or she returns. A team captain may not substitute another player for a player found in violation of the dress code until after the player returns in proper attire.

During mini-tournaments any player found in violation of the dress code will be asked to leave the tournament floor and will forfeit their position in the event.

Dress Code Protest by players

If a player or team wishes to protest or report a suspected violation of the dress code, it must be done prior to the commencement of a match. Only players involved in a singles match or the team captain, if a team event match, may make such protest to a referee. Once a match has begun, no dress code protests will be recognized but may be enforced by a Referee.

Referees Authority

Referees will be the final authority in all matters of dress code, at all times. Referees shall have the authority to enforce the dress code at all times,and at their discretion as to compliance times, whether immediate or at a future time, a player or team captain lodges whether or not any protest.




For individuals and/or teams placing in the money:
1. Turn in match scorecard to the tournament control desk.
2. Pick up Payout Information sheet from office.
3. Fill out information (MUST be complete) 
Note: Other teammates may have placed in other events.

In order to receive your check, you must have the following:
1. Photo ID

2. Pay-out Control Voucher.

3. No checks will be made out in any manner except in the name of the winner. Team checks will be made out in the name of the Team Captain ONLY.

No exceptions!

4. Check’s will be issued during posted times only!

5. Check’s may be cashed at either Riverboat Casinos.


Social Security Numbers are not required for entry. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE YOUR SSN IF YOU PLACE AND WIN OVER $500.

 DURING THE EVENT - All players are required to carry positive identification at all times. Opposing singles players or opposing Team Captains, prior to the start of a match, or any Tournament Official at any time during the event may ask for and require proof of identification from any and all entrants.  Failure to comply with such request may be cause for disqualification from the event.


Singles Divisions

Singles play are open to any player that has played in an ISPA sanctioned league. This includes Elite, Masters, and Open Divisions. Any player that HAS played in the level one open division in 2(two) consecutive state tournaments  (2 years from 2001- forward) and did not place in the money is qualified to play in the level 2 men’s open 8- ball singles (also requires proof from your league operator). Top finishers (3%) will move up to the men’s open 8- ball Level 1 in the following year or year’s that player competes in the state tournament.

NOTE: All Players wanting reclassifications must do so by the annual ISPA June meeting every year.         (A form from your league operator is available)

 Elite Division

An ISPA board meeting held June 2006. It was approved to hold a Pro-Am (Elite) event rather than a round robin. This will be played in a Flow Chart format.

NOTE: Any player may enter this Division if knocked out of their Single Division Event.  This event is open to all players from outside the state also.  You may sign up on site

 Masters Divisions

By directive of the ISPA Board of Directors at the Board meeting held August 27, 2000, all tournament events will include a Masters Division. This was done to place players of similar skill levels in divisions in which similarly skilled players will compete. This will take effect at the 2001 State Championships. A list of players recognized as being of exceptional skill level has been compiled by the ISPA and is known as the Men’s Master Player List for Men and Master Player List for Women. Lists are available from your League Operator.

 Number of Divisions You May Enter

All eligible players may enter ONE Singles Division in 8-Ball, ONE Singles Division in 9-Ball, and may play on ONE team only during the Championships. You may be listed on more than one team roster, but once you have played on a specific team, you are committed to that team and may not compete on any other team during the Championships. Women ONLY may compete in Women divisions.

Note: Any Players eliminated from the Open or Master Division may enter the Elite Division.

 Weeks of Play Required


Each player entering the Championships must have played a MINIMUM of 6 (six) full weeks of regularly sanctioned league play within the same league and division and during a single session after June 1, 2006. This means, as an example, that if you play in a multi-divisional league and you play 3 full matches in one division and 3 full matches in another division, you ARE NOT QUALIFIED. If you play 3 full matches in the Fall session in a division and then play 3 full matches in the same division during the Spring session, you ARE NOT QUALIFIED. ALL matches must be in the same division during the same session.

 Number of Players On A Team


Each team may include as many as 7 (SEVEN) players on their roster. All players must be from the same league operators system and must meet the additional following requirements:

 Masters Teams


A Masters Division Team may be made up of any number of players up to 7 (SEVEN) from within their League Operators system. This can include players from different divisions and different sessions so long as EACH player meets the weeks of play requirement. These are traditionally “all-star” teams and none of these players need be on the Masters singles list, but one or more may be. These teams are not required to meet the “3 original player requirement” for non-Master Team. Note: Elite Players may play in the Master division with one Open player for every Elite player with a maximum of two Elites on a rooster.

 Open Teams


All Open Division Teams must consist of at least 3 original players from an original league team, all of whom have met the weeks of play requirement, having played on the same team during a single session. The balance of the team may consist of any players from within their League Operators system, from any division and any session, who have also met the weeks of play requirement. These teams may include not more than ONE PLAYER listed on the ISPA list of Master Singles Players or no more than TWO MASTER team players listed on the ISPA Master team list Or ONE NON-LISTED PLAYER based on known ability.

All qualified players who are not required to play in the Master’s Divisions per ISPA guidelines are eligible to compete in the Masters or Open Divisions.

 NOTE: No Elite Player, male or female, may be on an Open Division Team

 If you have any questions as to a player’s status, please contact your League Operator or the ISPA Office or Qualification Committee prior to registering.

 Voluntary Entry or Placement in an Elite or Masters Division


Any team or player may voluntarily choose to play in the Elite or Masters Division. Voluntary entry into the Elite or Masters Division does not necessarily create future Elite or Master status for that team or player.  At the discretion of the Qualification Committee, any player or team may be placed in the Elite or Masters Division based on known ability. This may be done on site and the required additional fees will be due and paid in full prior to that team being eligible to compete.



Please refer to the important tournament information. Plan to arrive so you have time to check in to your hotel, get comfortable, look around and familiarize yourself with the site, find your start times, and be at your table when your match is scheduled to play. This usually means arriving the night before your division is scheduled to start.



You do not need to check in at the registration desk for the singles events. Your times and tables will be posted. If you are playing only in the Team events, your team captain or League Operator may check in for the entire team 



All matches will now be posted on the tournament boards near the main tournament desk.

It is your responsibility to know when and where you play. Matches will not be announced.

First, find your name on the list of the appropriate division on the boards. This list will show you which flow chart you are listed on.

Look at the flow chart and find your name. You will see in the matchbox: 1) the time of your match, and 2) the table(s) you will be playing on.

Approximately 15 minutes before your match is scheduled to play, your scorecard will be in a “pigeon-hole” at the tournament desk. Find the one corresponding to your table number. Take the scorecard to your table and wait for your opponent to arrive. If a match is still in progress on that table, please wait at the table until that match is completed or if the match is not close to being finished, report to the tournament director and ask to be reassigned. Again, be courteous of your fellow players.



We will make every effort to get all matches under way at the appointed times. Your timeliness in reporting for all matches will help make this job easier. Please be considerate of your fellow players.

When playing in a singles event, you will be allowed a five (5) minute grace period for arrival at your match. If your opponent has not arrived at the table at five (5) minutes after the appointed time for the match to begin, take your scorecard to the tournament desk. The Tournament Director will announce the start of the grace period and announce your opponent’s name. At the expiration of this announced time, you will win the match by forfeit. The Tournament Director’s clock ONLY will be used and is official for this purpose and the decision of the Tournament Director will be final.

When playing in a team event, only one team member need be present to start the match. The same procedure will apply as in the singles events, if no member of the opposing team is present.



AGAIN, when playing in a team event, only one team member need be present to start the match. Score sheets will be filled out in a timely manner and play will commence as soon as both teams have a member present. If a game is completed and the listed opposing player is not present to begin the next game on the score sheet, that game will be forfeited to the player who is present and the match will proceed to the next game. This will continue until such time as a game can be played and the offending team or teams will take the forfeits accordingly. A player listed on the roster and on the score sheets may begin play at any time he/she arrives but may not make up forfeited games. (Also see substitutions below.)NOTE: Dress code rules still apply.


The Team Captain may substitute another player for a NO-SHOW player but not until after the completion of the round in which the player was listed to play. The no-show player may also be substituted back in in a subsequent round should they arrive at the match late.


The Team Captain may substitute another player for a REGULAR player but not until after the completion of the round in which the player was listed to play.

The opposing Team Captain must be informed of all substitutions prior to the start of the round. If such substitution causes the substituted player to match up against a player they have already played, the substituted player will lose that game by forfeit.


After you complete your match, both player’s, or both Team Captains are to sign the scorecard and the winner will return it to the tournament desk. This is extremely important if you are to get credit for your match. If you lose the scorecard, BOTH players or teams will be scored a forfeit of the match, as no matches will be replayed. Stop back at the tournament boards to check where your next match will be.



If for any reason a Team Captain feels that the opposing team has fielded an ineligible player, or may be otherwise ineligible to compete, the Team Captain ONLY may file a written protest with the Tournament Committee. A required $100 protest fee must accompany such protests. The protest will then be reviewed and a determination made. If the protesting Team prevails, the protest fee will be returned and action taken as deemed appropriate by the Tournament Committee whose decision is final. If the protested player is found to be eligible, the protesting team will forfeit the $100 protest fee. This same rule also applies to all singles division players.



It is imperative that the event remains on a reasonable time frame in order to be successful!

We will observe a “reasonable” shot time frame. If you feel that a player is intentionally taking too much time on or between shots, you should notify a Referee. The Referee will then generally issue a warning to BOTH, singles players or teams that a second complaint will result in the ENTIRE match being placed on a shot clock. This will hold each shot to a 45 seconds time limit. A Referee or designee will be placed at the match. Each shot will be timed. “Time” will be announced after 35 seconds and “Foul” will be announced after 45 seconds. Ball in Hand or other appropriate penalty will then be applied towards the offending player. Any abuse of a Referee under this provision by either a player or team will be handled as “Unsportsmanlike Conduct” and the Referee or other Tournament Official will take the appropriate action under the rules pertaining to Administrative Discretion.



Our goal is to begin Mini’s this year on Thursday evening.



Food and drinks from outside sources may not be brought into the tournament site. It’s The Law!

Violators may be disqualified from the event.

Gambling is NOT permitted at any time during the event!

ISPA is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items

Thank You For Your Participation And Enjoy Your ISPA 2007 State Tournament…

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