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A Note from the Board:

A note from the Board.

 Do you like your time off?  Do you enjoy your free time?  So do I.  Unfortunately, I have spent the last 5 Saturdays (my day off) running down just a few Score Envelopes that have been turned in late or not at all.  The rule is:  “25.  Drop Boxes will be located at convenient locations within the Cedar Rapids Metro area.  It will be the Home Team Captain’s responsibility to deliver the completed score sheet and the appropriate funds in the envelope provided to one of these drop boxes no later than 7 PM the Friday night following the scheduled match.” .  These convenient locations are The Break Room located at 3108 First Avenue, NE and Iowa Leisure Time Billiards located at 3233 6th Street, SW.  I know everyone knows where these places are and everyone knows the process because it has been different teams every week.

 We created this rule because all of the Board members were traveling around town until the wee hours of the morning every Thursday night collecting the score envelopes after the matches were completed.  We thought we could share some of the responsibility with the teams and we don’t think that it is too much to ask.  The Board members also spend a couple of hours delivering the weekly statistics every Monday evening…unless we have a problem getting the score sheets from the teams, then we might need to wait until Tuesday or Wednesday to make those deliveries.

 Since I do like my day off, I am forced to take punitive action to try to help you all remember the rule.  Therefore, effective October 21, there will be a $10 fine imposed on the home team responsible for any late drop off.  If you cannot make it to the drop off point by the allocated time, please call me (310-5877) and we’ll try to make other arrangements…possibly saving you the fine.  I didn’t want to do this, but I really like my day off and I don’t like spending it looking for someone who hasn’t done their part.  After I make the pick up on Friday night, I spend a couple of hours sorting out who paid what and trying to balance the books.

 Let’s keep this simple, play by the rules and we’ll all have fun together playing a game that we all enjoy.


Thank you…Ken


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